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People that use Pitcherific have achieved
awesome results with the pitch training tool.

“Pitcherific has changed the way we run our business. First time we used the tool, we got funding from the fund we applied to. That was our first bag of money and the reason why our company is still here today.”

Nikolaj Kjær Nielsen, CEO, Sarita CareTech

Pitcherific gave me a competitive advantage on my successful crowdfunding campaign. It helped me to summon the traits and values of Fantini of Denmark, so that it was easy to understand and straight to the point! I still use it for different presentations and interviews””

Søren F. Fantini, Fashion Entrepreneur, Fantini of Denmark

“Pitcherific played a crucial part in successful funding and grant applications, both for myself and for the athletes I work with. The tool is straightforward and forces me to relate to how, why and in what way I stand out.”

Adam Blicher, Head Performance Coach, TennisMentalist

“Pitcherific has given me the interactive tool I needed to develop and present our sales pitches. At the same time, it has given me important feedback and sparring so my pitch hits a homerun every time!”

Magnus K. Szatkowski, Co-Founder, Magger IT

“I used Pitcherific when we were awarded our funding and after 20 rehearses the pitch was spot on. It's an effective tool for preparing a convincing pitch whether you're an entrepreneur, or a scientist, who need to convey results clearly to busy specialists.”

Rasmus T. Christensen, Co-Founder, ExcaliCare Children's Org.

“Thumbs up to Pitcherific for an awesome product. Much more usable than I thought. Check it out if you need to fine-tune your elevator pitch or your investor pitch.”

Mikkel Skorkjær Kongsfelt, CEO, RadiSurf ApS & Ph.d

“It's a great tool for entrepreneurs. Your startup ideas become sharper, and you get a hold of making important sales pitches. A must-have tool for all entrepreneurs.”

David Pretzel Bennetzen, Founder, MyMag

“Pitcherific is an effective tool for adjusting a company's pitch to a specific situation, be it for sales or to an investor. It follows the structure that a customer and investors expect.”

Ulrik Borch, Co-Founder, Injurymap