Clarify your visions

Let our best-practice templates guide you with content and structure. Just choose one that fits your needs and jump right in.

A clear structure will help you clarify your visions to investors, customers and business partners.

A pitch for every situation

Sometimes templates don't fit. We have made it easy for you to custom-make a pitch in those situations.

Add your own sections or use the sections from our library of pitch elements to quickly create a unique pitch. 

Stay on time - every time

Practice with Pitcherific's time checker, and make sure you never go over time when you present.

Set the time limit in the menu and keep control over your pitch situation.

Guides and examples help you create convincing pitches

Be guided and inspired by our helpful hints to create the right content and wording for your presentation.

Practice with teleprompter

Practice really makes perfect. In Training Mode™, it's easy, fun, and safe to practice before your live pitch.

Practice your pitch with or without an audience, use our key word function to shape your focus, and get to know your pitch like the back of your hand.

Prepare for potentiel questions and objections from clients, investors and business partners

Our collection of the most common objections and questions for entrepreneurs helps you to be extra well prepared.

Activate the cards while you are practicing with the teleprompter in Training Mode™.

Record yourself

Record your pitch to see what it looks and sounds like when you present.

Use the video recordings for yourself to improve, or share your presentations to get feedback.

Present with confidence. Let's begin!

Present your idea, product or concept the right way for your specific audience


Try the tool

5 steps to get started


Start free trial/try the tool

Start free trial or sign in to gain access to the tools


Choose Template and Set Time

Pick a template of your choosing and set the time lenght of the pitch


Write Your Pitch

Use our guides to help you create a great pitch


Practice Your Pitch

In Training Mode™: Practice with simulated audience and record yourself to help you find the best way to present your pitch



Present your pitch for your audience