Professional communication trainer?

Stand on the shoulders of the world's first dedicated digital pitch training tool to increase and retain the learning outcomes of your client's training. 

You handle the important offline/online training, we handle your client's essential training before and after your training sessions + support your client's preparation needs ever after. 

Ready for more happy customers and clients?


Power up your presentation training

We support and extend your training (before, during, and after workshops), so you can deliver even more value and better learning outcomes for your customers and clients. 

Your clients get full access to:

A dedicated digital tool to create and practice pitches incl. best-practice pitch templates. 

Custom-pitch creator to tailor pitches for unique presentation situations.

Pitcherifics built-in time checker, to assure that the pitch stays on time, every time.

Helpful hints and examples that guide the clients to craft the right message, faster.

Pitch Training Mode TM that simulate the presentation situation and makes practicing the delivery easy and effective.

Question-challenger prepare your clients for typical questions and objections from their clients or business partners.

An easy to use and integrated way to record and share video recordings of presentations to get feedback and improve.

* As a trainer you’ll get full access to the pitch tools as well.

Your trainer dashboard makes it easy to setup the pitch tools to fit your unique training setup

Manage access

Invite and manage your clients' access to the Pitcherific tool.

It's done in a snap by sharing a link or sending an email.

Share your expertise

Completely tailor your own templates and pass on all your knowledge and expertise to your clients for easy use and maximum learning. 

It's easily done using our template builder.

Coach your clients

Focus your client's attention on common questions and objections from customers or business partners.

It's done by adding questions and answering-tips to your templates. 

Let's get in touch to setup Pitcherific for your next training session.

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3 steps to get started


Contact Us

Contact us to setup the pitch tools to best support your training.


Give Access to the Tool

Give your clients access to the tools before, during or after your training. 


Direct Your Clients

Advise your clients on specific training exercises tailored to support, extent and empower your training.

It’s never been easier to offer a effectful communication course