Help your students prepare solid, convincing presentations!

Our digital pitch training tool gives your students an effective way to prepare and practice their presentations. Whether your students are following a course on innovation, entrepreneurship or simply need a way of pitching their ideas, Pitcherific is the tool for them.  

As a teacher you can offer and manage access to Pitcherific

Your students get full access to:

User-friendly best-practice presentation templates that help them prepare for any presentation

Options to create custom presentation template that fits unique presentations

Pitcherifics time checker, to ensure that the presentation stays on time

Updated help texts and examples that guide the students to craft the right message

Training Mode™: Presentation training that simulate the presentation situation and makes practicing the delivery easy and effective

Easy integrated way to record and share video recordings of presentations to get feedback and improve

* By the way you’ll also get access to the pitch tools as a teacher.

students using pitcherific

As a teacher you will get access to these features

Manage access

Invite and manage your student's access to the Pitcherific tool.

It's done by sharing a link or sending an email.

Show your students the way

Use your own knowledge about presentations and create custom presentation templates you can share with your students.

It's easily done using our template builder.

Prepare your students well

Prepare your students even further with common questions and objections you know they will be asked.

It's done by adding questions to your templates.

Teacher? Let's begin!

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3 steps to get started


Contact Us

Contact us to setup your Pitcherific dashboard


Hand Out Tickets

Buy the tickets (for the tool) you need for your students and invite via link or e-mail


Guide Your Students

E.g. advise the students to which template and time frame to work with first