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Entrepreneurs and project makers

A tool devoted to your pitch training.

Membership: $19/monthly. Discount on yearly.

  • Pitch templates We make it easy for you to prepare convincing pitches for every situation.
  • Customize your pitch Create pitches that fit when a template dosen't.
  • Time checker Stay in control and never go over time.
  • Guides and helpful hints We help you with input on how to write your pitch and provide you with examples.
  • Practice with teleprompter Practice in front of a simulated audience to become well prepared before your presentation
  • Record your pitch Improve your pitch by watching yourself perform and adjust body language and tone of voice.
  • Question and objection cards Practice answering common questions and objections from the audience.
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Tommy Otzen, CEO, KUBO


"We used Pitcherific to structure our pitch before Web Summit. It was a vital tool for reaching the finals - which we won. Pitcherific raised our presentation to a level where we can stand on a international stage and pitch investors with great confidence."



Get flexible startup tickets for all your startups

from 5 $ pr. month pr. entrepreneur

  • Pitch templates We make it possible to prepare convincing pitches for every situation.
  • Customize pitches Create pitches that fit a specific situation.
  • Time checker Make sure your entrepreneurs stay in control and never go over time.
  • Guides and helpful hints We help you create the right content for any pitch.
  • Practice with teleprompter Our practice mode helps anyone feel well prepared before a presentation.
  • Record pitches Watch the presentations, give feedback and improve the pitch process.
  • Create question and objection cards Help startups be more confident in their answers to the questions they might get.
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Thomas Bernhard Kjærgaard

Forretningsudvikler, SDU Research & Innovation Organisation


"Hos SDU Entrepreneurship Labs bruger vi Pitcherific til pitch-træning for startups f.eks. i forbindelse med Investor- eller InnoFounder-pitches. Platformen støtter iværksætterne til både at få et meningsfuldt flow og få fremhævet væsentlige pointer i deres pitch, ligesom platformen løbende giver dem en feedback på, om de overholder tiden. Som forretningsudvikler kan jeg mærke et klart kvalitetsløft på startups' første pitch, efter de har brugt Pitcherific, og jeg kan derfor flytte dem meget længere ved i stedet at fokusere på toneleje, kropssprog og lignende. De iværksættere, der har benyttet værktøjet før, spørger altid om at måtte benytte det igen, når næste pitchlejlighed byder sig."


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What do I gain access to with a Pitcherific membership?

With a Pitcherific membership you gain access to all the tools pitch features (see a list of the most important above). You can use the tool to prepare and practice any pitch or presentation whenever you want. 

What is the difference between trial and membership?

The 7-day trial gives access to the exact same features as premium, but for 7 days only. We save your work for you, but you can only access by becoming a member, when the 7 days are gone.

When and where can I use Pitcherific?

You can use Pitcherific whenever and whereever. Use your Pitcherific login on your computer, tablet, or smartphone so you can keep working on your pitch when you want to. 

How many pitches may I create?

You can create and save as many pitches as you like.  

Is my subscription automatically renewed each month?

Memberships are renewed automatically (each month for monthly, each quarter for quarterly and each year for yearly) unless you want to cancel it. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do that in the account settings.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want to?

Yes. Go to the account settings and choose cancel membership.