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Our templates, guides and video feedback help startup companies be well prepared for any pitch situation. We help them practice and remember everything important, so they can present with confidence.

Incubators can manage access to Pitcherific

We support and encourage your startups to get their pitch training process started and to keep going.

Your startups get full access to:

User friendly best-practice pitch templates that help prepare for any situation

Options and help to create custom pitch templates that fits unique situations

Pitcherifics time checker, to assure that the pitch stays on time

Helpful hints that guide the entrepreneurs to craft the right message

Training Mode: Pitch training that simulates the presentation situation and makes practicing the delivery easy and effective

Question cards with typical questions and objections from clients, investors and business partners

An easy to use and integrated way to record and share video recordings of presentations to get feedback and improve

* As a manager you’ll get full access to the pitch tools as well.

You will also get access to these incubator specific features

Manage access

Invite and manage your incubator startups' access to the Pitcherific tool.

It's done by sharing a link or sending an email.

Share your expertise

Use your own pitch expertise and make custom templates and share them within your startups.

It's easily done using our template builder.

Coach your startups

Coach your incubator startups  with common questions and objections from customers, investors or business partners.

It's done by adding questions to your templates.

Thomas Bernhard Kjærgaard

Forretningsudvikler, Syddansk Universitet, Research & Innovation Organisation

"At SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, we use Pitcherific for pitch training our startups. The platform supports the entrepreneurs to have a meaningful flow in their pitches and to emphasize important points in their pitch, just as the platform continuously gives them feedback on whether they are on time. As a business developer, I see a clear improvement in the quality of startups' pitches after they use Pitcherific. Then I can focus on helping them improve even further with body language and voice. The entrepreneurs who have used the tool before always ask if they can use it again when the next pitch opportunity presents itself."

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Contact Us

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Give Access to the Tool

Buy the access tickets you need for your startups and invite via link or e-mail


Direct Your Startups

Advise the startups about which template and time frame to work with