We're helping you master pitching

Our mission is to make a difference for entrepreneurs, project makers, and other innovators so they can make a difference in the world with their ideas and businesses - effectively communicating their ideas.


Watch Pitcherific CEO and Co-founder Lauge present Pitcherific's WHY, using the Elevator Pitch template, found in the Pitcherific tool. 



What Pitcherific is and stands for

Proper practice is the foundation for any skill and also reliable and compelling pitches. That is why we have created Pitcherific; A dedicated tool for pitch training. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how important it is to communicate clearly our visions via presentations and pitches – because startups depend on other people’s interest in their ideas, concepts or products.

But we have often experienced that entrepreneurs and many other with great ideas are struggling getting their audience to clearly and fully understand their message. 

Our team of humanists and it-specialists has developed an intuitive digital tool that can be used by everyone, wanting to improve their communication skills.

Whether you are preparing a pitch for a client, investor or business partner or someone else, you will be able to prepare and practice it, and become compelling and convincing in record time.

By guiding you from through elements of pitch training; creating the story, keeping you within a time-limit and practice the oral pitch, we help you (and your pitch) become memorable, reach your goals, and gain success.

We look forward to help you pitch convincingly. 


Lauge Vagner Rasmussen

business developer and pitch expert

Master in Experience Economy, Aarhus University

Anders Schmidt Hansen

Frontend Web Developer - UX/UI Designer

Bachelor in Information Science, Aarhus University

Kristoffer Dahl Hansen

Software Developer

Master in Computer Science, Aarhus University

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