Get effective communication throughout your organisation

Bad communication steals precious time from your employees and projects. Good communication on the other hand saves time, strengthens innovation and lift your organization.  

Let US help YOU improve YOUR EMPLOYEESS communicative skills with Pitcherific's training tools. 

Give your employees presentation-superpowers

With our setup, your can easily train many employees at once AND also let them practice further whenever it fits their calendar. With our online-no-install tool, anyone in the organization can present effectively.

You and your employees get full access to:

A very intuitive tool to create, practice and share great allways-on-time pitches. 

Situation-relevant templates to save time preparing, but still making great pitches

Automatic time checker functionality, to assure that the pitch stays on time

Guides and examples on how to craft an clear and engaging message

A special Training Mode that simulates the presentation situation

Objection and questioning-answering training within the Training Mode 

An easy to use and integrated way to record and share video recordings of presentations to get feedback and improve

You will also get access to these pitch training specific features

Easily give and manage access

Invite and manage your organizations' employee's access to the Pitcherific tool including with templates and questions to practice with.

It's done quickly and easily by sharing a link and the employees can begin training with a minute or two.

Share your expertise

Updated company and product knowledge is vital, for all employees. Share your expertise by making custom pitch templates and objection/Q&A training. 

It's easily done using our template builder and it's up to you on how much to guide your employees with special examples etc.

Coach your employees

Everybody loves direct and 1-1 feedback. When you want to add extra input for your employees' skill development we got special video-and-feedback tools.

With recorded videos, you can give feedback whenever it fits YOUR schedule. Your employees will love you for it <3

Thomas Bernhard Kjærgaard

Business Developer, University of Southern Denmark, Research & Innovation Organisation

"At SDU Entrepreneurship Labs, we use Pitcherific for pitch training our startups. The platform supports the entrepreneurs to have a meaningful flow in their pitches and to emphasize important points in their pitch, just as the platform continuously gives them feedback on whether they are on time. As a business developer, I see a clear improvement in the quality of startups' pitches after they use Pitcherific. Then I can focus on helping them improve even further with body language and voice. The entrepreneurs who have used the tool before always ask if they can use it again when the next pitch opportunity presents itself."

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