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The Pitcherific Story

The cornerstone of Pitcherific was laid back in the end of 2012 when the organizers of a local Startup Weekend event, in Aarhus, experienced that their attendees had difficulties in delivering convincing pitches that also respected the given time limits.

Because of we ourselves, as entrepreneurs, have seen and experienced how essential, but at the same time difficult it is to create a strong pitch, we have built Pitcherific to create a structure to the entire pitch-process. And to make it easier for you to prepare and practice.

What is pitching and why is it important?

A pitch is a short, time-limited presentation with the purpose of convincing or selling something. To be honest, your idea or product is only truly worth something if you are also able to convince potential customers, investors or partners about its value.

Pitcherific - the low-down

Only the fewest of people can naturally jump on a stage and rock out a crystal clear, convincing pitch. And that's okay! Actually, it is much more natural that it requires training if we are to get sharp at pitching, and comfortable with it.

The good news is that everyone can train themselves into becoming better at pitching; everyone can prepare and everyone can practice. That is exactly what Pitcherific helps you with.

We have spent oceans of hours on understanding the mechanics behind pitching, and Pitcherific is the "robot" that we have transferred all that knowledge into. Pitcherific is built upon best-practice templates, so you don't have to think about the composition, structure or weighting of your pitch; we've already done that for you.

Instead, you can now concentrate on writing the contents of your pitch and train it, so you can communicate it clearly and convincingly.

Pitcherifics Vision

It has to be easy and fast to be able to make a convincing pitch, even if you're not an expert beforehand. In that way, we help entrepreneurs and other innovators with spreading their messages and reach their goals.

Contact the Pitcherific Team

Got any questions, ideas or something in between then feel free to to say hi. or phone: (+45)-61714333